Vonk | Interface & User Experience Design
Quintijn Scheffer Bart Freijssen Raul Jiminez Posada Gyor Moore Rotterdam CMD Design User experience design interaction design research prototyping
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Bart Freijssen

Concept & Strategy

Bart will be responsible for the Concept and Strategy of this project. Bart is a great teamplayer and knows a bit about everything. His goal is to use creative ways of researching to create cool concepts.

Gyor Moore

Visual Designer

Gyor is a designer at heart. He loves clean and simple designs that just work. His goal is to make the product look just as effortless as it feels. Becoming more of an professional designer along the way is an added bonus.


Quintijn Scheffer

Interaction Designer

Quintijn is considered as the Interaction Guru of the team. With his experience at UNITiD he knows a thing or two about User Experience and is not afraid to use it.

Raúl Jimenez Posada


Raúl comes from a visual design background, but has recently discovered that prototyping is just as important and as fun. He would like to combine the two and use prototyping as a tool to proof our product works just as good as it looks.



In order to create a product that we're proud of, we need to create an experience that seamlessly fits the user. During our research phase we aim to obtain as many insights as possible through different research methods. From there we start combining ideas and turning them into concepts.


After one concept has made the cut, we immediately start sketching. Sketches turns into wireframes which turn into visual designs. From there we all focus on making our product look just as good as it feels.


Probably one of the most important phases is the validation phase. Through user testing and prototyping we aim to validate the succes of our product. Even tho this phase will run throughout the entire project we especially focus on the validation near the delivery of the final product.